The unique taste

Chips made with chickpea flour


Come and join us at Lou Festin dei Mai on May 1st, 7th, 14th and 21st in the Jardins de Cimiez.

Music, folk dancing, traditions and local cuisine!

The Socca Chips® range has created a fresh new look to delight you this summer

The Authentic chickpea flour chips

A culinary INNOVATION from Nice that only a true Niçois could dream up. It was the niçois chef Luc Salsedo who came up with the idea!

These new chickpea flour « aperitif chips » come from an ancient Nice tradition, la SOCCA Nice, a staple niçois speciality. Related to la FARINATA, la PANISSE, la CADE, la GARANTITA, and la CALENTICA, Socca chips are gradually becoming recognised as THE Mediterranean chips.


How did the adventure begin ?

Always keen to avoid waste in his restaurant kitchen, Luc Salsedo made the most of any of his leftover ingredients. Some years ago, a rather unusual mixture, plus a brilliant idea led to the creation of a new niçois treat made from chickpea flour. This was the test phase of socca chips!

Tasted by friends, the family, restaurant clients …. The feedback was excellent!

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