Chocolate coated chips

By Luc Salsedo

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Season: All!

Difficulty: Easy

What are we drinking?

– A hot cup of tea

– Homemade hot chocolate

Ingredients :

  • 1 packet Socca Chips®
  • A bar of dark chocolate

Recipe :

  • Recipe:
    • Select the nicest-looking chips
    • Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie
    • Dip the chips, one by one, into the chocolate to half-coat 
    • Arrange on a pretty plate and allow to cool at room temperature.
    • Surprising but delicious!!

    Tip: Don’t put the chocolate coated chips in the fridge to cool as they will become soft from the humidity. Room temperature is fine, it will just take a little longer 🙂

Variation: Why not crush the chips from the bottom of a packet of plain Socca Chips® and mix them with the rest of the melted chocolate? They will make exquisite chocolate clusters ^^! Check out the next recipe to see how 😉