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Socca Chips® products are manufactured, stored, and distributed from our plant located on the outskirts of Nice. Since the beginning of our adventure, we have chosen to keep the head office and manufacturing in our region of origin.

The ingredients we use to produce Socca Chips® are 100% natural and all come from the Mediterranean (France (Var), Italy and Spain).

All our products are free of preservatives and additives to guarantee an authentic taste!

Our products contain no allergens. On the other hand, and for information, French legislation provides for the consideration of the pea family as potentially allergenic.

Yes! 100% gluten-free and this is completely naturally because chickpeas and the other ingredients used in our recipes are gluten-free. What’s more, there is no cross-contamination with any products containing gluten in our plant.

Socca Chips® has an organic range certified by the ECOCERT organization. All the ingredients used are therefore of organic origin apart from salt, which, by definition, cannot be considered organic.

Once the packet has been opened, if you haven’t finished it, it will keep for 4 to 5 days in a dry place after resealing the packet tightly.

We are working on developing an option for more responsible packaging. For the moment there is no process that allows the complete recycling of the packaging and the optimal preservation of the product.

You will find all our points of sale on our map.
If we have not yet arrived near you, you will find our products on our BREAKGOURMAND online store.
And of course, don’t hesitate to ask for them at your favourite stores near you 😉

Do you have a grocery store, a butcher’s, a food truck, a restaurant, a hotel, a large or medium-sized store? Contact us using this form!

First of all, this is because Socca Chips® are not “classic” chips. Upstream, there is a Chef who invented a recipe requiring real culinary preparation. This is not the case for potato chips for which the product (the potato or other vegetables) is simply washed, sometimes peeled and then sliced. For Socca Chips®, there is therefore an additional production step that requires more labour, more work surface, more equipment, etc.
Then, Socca Chips® are still manufactured on a small scale, in an artisanal way (except for the bagging which is automated), near Nice (where the price per m2 is very high) …
Finally, chickpea flour and olive oil, which are the 2 main raw ingredients of Socca Chips®, have a high and often increasing purchase prices.
So many factors that justify this price difference!
The price generally found in stores is € 3.90 – € 3.99. But, don’t forget that it is not us who sets the retail prices in stores, it’s the stores themselves!

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