The word “apéritif” in French comes from the Latin “apertivus”, derived from “aperire”, which means « open ».
It designates a moment of conviviality and sharing amongst people. Kind of herbal drinks mixed with other ingredients as such as spices and alcohol were consumed to open the appetite and / or prevent stomachache between periods of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Much later, the Industrial Revolution played a major role in the integration of the « apéritif » into Europeans daily lives, until becoming the one we know today ! The apéritif has written its history for more than 2000 years … Impressive right?!


Chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, pepper and sunflower oil (end of cooking) are the ingredients that make up « les Creations Luc Salsedo® » products.

The Chef has developed Mediterranean products from selected raw materials with the maximum care, 100% natural, vegan and naturally gluten free.


As an « apéritif » products, Socca Chips® and SoccApéro® are mainly enjoyed during this special time of the day. A convivial and gourmet moment, that conduce to culinary discoveries. There are dozens of ways to include our products in your daily life, for example:

Socca Chips® accompanies your light appetizers … or hearty ones, for example :
With a glass of wine, spreads, your bbq and birthdays, your greedy breaks at the end of a physical activity or simply for a snack! You can also partially integrate it into your traditional cuisine, vegan or vegetarian (since all our products are gluten-free) to bring crispness and sweetness: breadcrumbs for a recipe of breaded chicken fillets or its vegetarian version of breaded eggplant … Why not !!!

For SoccApero® it’s the same, even more playful! The chickpea flour galettes mix allows you to create many combinations to keep things interesting. Socca nature, to enjoy on the go, garnished with salad, cheese and sausage or in a vegan version, wrap or even mini Socca way – blinis !!

The list is still very long so let your imagination go wild and do not hesitate to share your ideas with us!!


As you have read previously, all products offered by « les Créations Luc Salsedo® » are naturally gluten-free. Indeed, chickpea flour is perfect for anyone intolerant to gluten or following a vegan diet. And to treat all the taste buds, since the beginning of the year you can also taste Socca Chips® and SoccApéro® in ORGANIC version!


Should be consumed with moderation – Eat well and move more ✌🏼