An exciting business adventure

Always keen to avoid waste in his restaurant kitchen, Luc Salsedo made the most of any of his leftover ingredients. Some years ago, a rather unusual mixture plus a brilliant idea led to the creation of a new niçois treat made from chickpea flour. This was thetest phase of socca chips!

Tasted by friends, the family, restaurant clients …. the feedback was excellent!

Over the following year, the trials and discussions about the batter, the cooking, the ageing process… continued. The recipe was tweaked and perfected to arrive at the product that Luc Salsedo shares with you today, the authentic Nice Socca Chips®!

So, the decision to launch the production of Socca Chips® was taken.

Commercialisation of Socca Chips® began on June 11th, 2014!


A wonderful human adventure – Who are we ?


A team whose paths crossed, for some, and re-crossed, for others a little more than 2 years ago, all over a little snack which grew week by week. We were all seduced, convinced by the unique taste of this creation and ultra-motivated by being part of such an adventure alongside Luc Salsedo. The majority of the team come from Nice and we were passionate about seeing our culinary traditions in the hands of a chef using only the finest, natural ingredients to reproduce or create new products like Socca chips®.

The launch of the Socca Chips® laboratory in November 2015 was a critical step. It meant that production could be increased to match demand from our consumers, and also that we could develop geographically.

We all share the same values, the same motivation… and the desire to share this simple and unique gourmet treat with you.


First ideas, first trials, first discussions.

January 2014
Luc Salsedo starts making Socca chips in his restaurant kitchen.

May 2014
The recipe and the products are finalised. The 1st production is launched.

June 11th 2014
Commercialisation begins.10 retail outlets. 200 packets/day.

September 2014 / September 2015
The number of retail outlets is developed.

October 5th 2015
Production is stopped temporarily to move to a dedicated production site.

November 25th 2015
Production site is opened. Objective 2500 packets/day. Sales and deliveries resume.

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