A chef from Nice, in love with life and passionate about cooking! He has more than 30 years in gourmet catering, with the greatest Chefs as well as in his own restaurant that he opened in 2004One day, while he still had Socca, he improvises a crispy version for an aperitif.
othing is lost, everything is transformed!» One day, while he still had Socca, he improvises a crispy version for an aperitif. He performs several tests before testing the recipe with his family and customers of his restaurant. The feedback was excellent! This is how Socca Chips® was born, June 2014, whose manufacturing and marketing begin in June 2014. 


In 2015, at 42 years old, Luc Salsedo decides with his wife and two daughters to sell their restaurant to fully devote themselves to this beautiful adventure! In November of the same year he develops his own production line in a 700m² laboratory in Saint André de la Roche, near Nice. They are now close to 25 employees at his side. Luc Salsedo lives intensely everything he undertakes! The Socca Chips® project is a good illustration! He communicates with pleasure his passion for the “traditions niçoises”, his love of gastronomy, his taste for innovation and challenges and his commitment to sharing and human values!


“Make our beautiful culinary traditions travel, invent new Mediterranean delicacies and delight the taste buds of all those who like to receive, exchange and share!”
It is under the entity of « Créations Luc Salsedo® » that you will discover over time the new products imagined and designed by a passionate Chef. So … after Socca Chips® and SoccApéro®, what new adventure awaits you?