Who is Luc Salsedo?

In short : a man with love and passion for life!

With diverse experience in large restaurants alongside such renowned Chefs as Christian Plumail (Louis XV) and Arnaud Poette (Chateau Chevre d’Or), Luc opened his own, ‘Restaurant Luc Salsedo’ in Nice in 2004. His concept was to have a menu changing every ten days depending on the market and seasons, as well as regular dishes, all cocooned in warm hospitality.

When he was not at the restaurant, at the market, or at producers creating his menus, Luc lived his life at 300 miles an hour – taking care of his family (pets included), sharing good times with friends, participating in many and varied events, he indulged his many interests: hunting, fishing, motorcycling, water sports…

His ambition :

Socca can now emerge far beyond our beautiful city of Nice…

As if all this was not enough to occupy his time, he embarked on the Socca Chips® adventure, the culinary masterpiece he created in May 2014.

Customer and consumer response has been excellent; the restaurant has been sold, and a new life begins.

Luc lives with passion in everything he does, and the Socca Chips® project is a good example. We find his love of cooking and Nicoise tradition, his love of food, his taste for innovation and challenge, and also his commitment to sharing and humanity.

His ambition – to spread the Socca of Nice to delight the tastebuds of all who love to receive, exchange, and share.

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