Socca is a thin galette of chickpea flour, traditionally cooked on a big round copper plate in a wood oven.
The only ingredients are: chickpea flour, water, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Naturally gluten-free, it’s perfectly adapted for intolerant people as well as vegetarians and vegans!

Its crispness is due to its high temperature cooking and its firewood smoke of pine or olive. An authentic flavour emerges when it’s consumed immediately after cooking, still hot, with a little pepper and must of all with fingers!

The Socca is crispy on the top and soft inside … It’s a real delight, we get very quickly #SoccAddict. It’s an essential pleasure to enjoy at any time of the day but especially as an « apéritif ».

In Nice, it’s a real institution! Even more since you can enjoy it in chips form or at home thanks to the SoccApéro® preparation!

Socca is life … really !!!


Imported by Phoenician sailors on the shores of the Mediterranean thousands of years ago, Socca was a snack for morning workers between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The chickpea and all its forms have a very long history of more than 8,000 years with the Mediterranean coasts. From Europe to the Middle East via the Maghreb, each port has made it a specialty! Whole, crushed, flour …
Today we still find this heritage in many areas such as:

The Cade in Toulon, the Farinata in Liguria, the Panisses in Provence, the Calentica in Algeria, the Garantita in Spain …

And of course, the Socca in Nice!


“La” Socca is part of a range of great specialties such as Pan Bagnat, small « farcis », courgette flower’s beignets or pissaladière, which are part of the Mediterranean cuisine and more particularly the niçoise cuisine, a rich, gourmet and friendly cuisine!
Here are some reference addresses in Nice (this list is not exhaustive, besides do not hesitate to share with us your favourites addresses!):

Socca Californie
Socca Tram
Chez Pipo
René Socca
The Socca of Theresa
Socca d’Or

Are you tempted? Because we are mouths-watering!
So « bon appétit » and long live the Socca !!!