The authentic Socca Chips®

Always keen to avoid waste in his restaurant kitchen, Luc Salsedo made the most of any of his leftover ingredients. Some years ago, a rather unusual mixture plus a brilliant idea led to the creation of a new niçois treat made from chickpea flour. This was the test phase of socca chips!

Tasted by friends, the family, restaurant clients …. the feedback was excellent!

Over the following year, the trials and discussions about the batter, the cooking, the ageing process…continued. The recipe was tweaked and perfected to arrive at the product that Luc Salsedo shares with you today, the authentic Nice Socca Chips® !

So, the decision to launch the production of Socca Chips® was taken.

Commerialisation of Socca Chips® began on June 11th, 2014!

The product :

Light, crisp, crunchy, golden chickpea flour chips…

Consumers have never been more attentive to what they eat: quality is therefore of paramount importance. Socca Chips® meet these expectations as they are made from only the finest and most carefully selected ingredients* that are 100% natural.

 A range of 40g – 120g packaging is available to suit each retail outlet.

* to note, the end of cooking with sunflower oil

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