Participate to the adventure this is our crowdfunding campaign !

What is a crowdfunding campaign ?
It’s a project for whom you need to collect funds.
It’s been created on an internet platform so you can touch a largest audience of poeple who might reconize themselves in your project. 

What is the Socca Chips® project?
We have many projects for our participation in the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2020 which, as you probably know, will take place in Nice at the end of June. We have the means and resources to do something good, but we want to do more and better !

By involving more local partners into the loop. By favoring the #madeinfrance and the locality, we boost the economy of the region but also of the country !
And that is good since it is in line with our morals, our values ​​and the CSR projects already implemented for the brands of Les Créations Luc Salsedo®

Are you ready ?? … Feel free to join us by clicling here !