It’s Women’s day !!!

Or officially, International Women’s Day. It highlights the fight for the rights of women around the world as well as the reduction of inequalities between men and women.

It was not until 1977 that the United Nations formalized and internationalized the day, after more than 70 years of stories and initiatives taken by women around the world, inviting all countries of the planet to celebrate a women’s rights day.
“International Women’s Day” is therefore one of 87 international days recognized or introduced by the United Nations. It is a day of demonstrations around the world: an opportunity to take stock of the situation of women in society and to demand more equal rights.

Traditionally, groups and associations of women activists have been preparing demonstrations all over the world, to bring their demands to fruition, improve the condition of women, celebrate victories and advances.

For this occasion, we offer you a quick, fun and very girly * game, are you tempted?


* Game to be taken lightly!

Socca Chips® wishes all women around the world and especially to those who make “les Creations Luc Salsedo®” shine, a beautiful day <3