Who is Thoj?

Discover in this interview who is Thoj, the young musician from Nice who created our official music …
But before that, we explain to you why we chose to work with him on this project …

“This project has been in our head for a while. It has been a long time since we wanted to have our music. Music dedicated to our brand and evocative of our values. For this we called on Thoj.
Young musician, composer, DJ originally We have to admit that first of all we fell for the boil of this little boy featured on the single “In your dreams.” It made us want to know more and discover his musical universe for which we immediately fell in love: Guitar, sax, rhythm, originality, jazz, electro… universes that seduced us.

And there too, behind all of this, a simple, friendly, talented youngster who is on the rise. It was for us!