Socca Chips® new selling points around France

Where can I find a Socca Chips® retail outlet near me?

Socca Chips® new selling points

We’re all about trying to make things as easy as possible for you.

That’s why we want to get as close to you as possible 😉


Here’s  an updated list of some of cities in France where you can find us:


In and around the French Riviera: Lantosque, Mandelieu la Napoule, Thorenc-Andon, Saint Martin Vésubie …

In other parts of France: Roanne, Mérignac, Nîmes, Bordeaux, Reims, Marckolsheim, Lille, Grenoble …

And the list is getting longer, so stay tuned 😉


Moreover, if you want to know more, please let us know where you live, and we can tell you exactly where to find us.

So let’s go !!! contact us via our web site or via our Facebook page !