Here’s a recipe that’s half salty and half sweet, our famous autumn toasts! For this you will need to use our Socca Chips® as a base, they are made from chickpea flour like the famous Socca, the recipe from Nice that we love. What is socca ? It is a traditional Nice dish that is usually eaten as an aperitif or on the go. Socca Chips® is gluten-free and above all additive-free and is also suitable for all diets. Moreover, our chips are made just outside Nice.
A recipe that will surprise your guests every time! Socca Chips® will make your aperitif a success but also quick and easy!
Enjoy your meal!

Socca Chips®’s fall toasts

By Luc Salsedo

Accueil » Socca Chips® fall toasts

Season: Fall

Difficulty: Easy

– A soft
– A whiskey-style aperitif

Ingredients :

  • 1 packet of Socca Chips®
  • 1 roasting camembert

  • Honey from the maquis

  • 1 persimmon

  • Parsley

  • Chestnuts

  • Pepper

Recipe :

  • Preheat the oven and cook the Camembert for 10-15 min at 200 ° – Be careful, watch the cooking carefully!

  • In the meantime, select the most beautiful petals of chips and arrange them on a board

  • Chop the parsley

  • Crush some chestnuts

  • Cut your persimmon in half

  • When the Camembert is hot, take it out and remove the crust to fetch it with a teaspoon …

  • Place on each toast a little cheese, a small ball of persimmon, small pieces of chestnuts and a little parsley.

  • Once all the toast is ready, scatter the honey over it with a teaspoon.

  • A turn of the pepper mill and enjoy immediately!

Variation: You can also vary the pleasures with Mont d´Or or, for example, raspberry jam … It’s up to you!