After this health crisis that is starting to fade, summer is just around the corner ! The summer aperitif-dinner is the one everyone looks forward to ! With friends, with family, at the beach, at home, after work, during a game of pétanque. It’s the best time to get together. We’ll give you some tips on how to enjoy this long awaited moment.

The chef’s ideas for an easy and convivial aperitif

summer aperitif dinner

The summer board

The famous wooden board, very practical to present and display everything to your guests, they can help themselves as they wish. You just have to choose the products you want to put on it ! Depending on your guests’ tastes and desires, you can compose it as you wish. Cheese, cold meats (sausage, white ham, raw ham, grison meat, mortadella), cherry tomatoes and of course Socca Chips®. Accompany your board with tapenade, guacamole or a spicy tomato and pepper sauce to add a touch of dip to the Socca Chips®.

summer aperitif dinner

For a more vegan aperitif

For those who prefer vegetables, replace the cold cuts with carrots, cabbage and radishes and accompany them with dips such as hummus, aubergine caviar or home-made mayonnaise.

apéro dinatoire été

Take away !

With the return of the heat, the sunsets and the sound of the waves. We all want to enjoy it ! So it’s no big deal to have a picnic in the park or on the beach. All you have to do is film your board with cling film and off you go! Head for the beach !

Aperitif pétanque

Who says petanque says aperitif ! Who has never played this Provencal game ? A game that comes from the south, from La Ciotat to be precise! Have you ever seen a bouliste playing without making an aperitif ?  No, never ! That goes without saying. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend a relaxing moment, a warm moment with your friends and family this summer. Yes, it’s also the only sport where you can have a drink at the same time ! So don’t forget to take our SoccaChips® packets with you to have a great time !

Don’t forget the drinks !

That’s right ! A good summer aperitif dinner is always accompanied by a drink, beer, fruit juice, syrup… We suggest you enjoy this aperitif board with a good glass of red or rosé wine*. And if you’re not too keen on wine, we suggest you try it with a good beer or a homemade virgin mojito !

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.