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The unique taste of chips made with chickpea flour

Chips made with Mediterranean chickpea flour

Try real Socca Chips!

A Nicoise culinary invention that only a local native could create!

Luc Salsedo was the nicoise chef who had the idea, quite by chance (as is often the case with the best inventions).

Socca Chips, invented by Nice chef Luc Salsedo. This new aperitif snack of chickpea flour is the child of an ancient Nicoise traditionSocca of Nice, the unmissable Nicoise specialty. It is the cousin of farinata, of panisse, of garantita, of calentica – it has gradually become the Chips of the Mediterranean.



Nice attack

Attentat Nice - Nice attack

11/06/2016 – ANNIVERSARY Socca Chips® – Luc Salsedo


Socca Sweet® – now on sale

This new creation from Luc Salsedo is now available. You will find your Socca Sweet® outlet on the map – but they may not have yet placed their orders, so please just ask them!

Socca Sweet® Sucre

More than 20 outlets in the VAR

Since the beginning of this year Socca Chips® have expanded outside Alpes-Maritimes and have met with great success in the Var. Check out your favourite outlet on our map of points of sale!

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Socca Chips are in Marseille!

You can find them at

Lafayette Gourmet – 28 rue Bir Hakeim, 13001 Marseille

L’Ideal de Julia Sammut – 11, rue d’Aubagne, 13006 Marseille

L’Epicerie d’Endoume – 51 Rue d’endorme, 13007 Marseille

Socca Chips

The Mediterranean Chips

With Socca Chips, it’s the whole of the Mediterranean basin that’s honoured.
Try them, and discover not only the taste of SOCCA but also that of CADE, PANISSE, FARINATA, CALENTICA, GARANTITA… all are centuries-old dishes which still speak to us today.SOCCA CHIPS